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How do your debtor days affect your business?

Use our handy calculator below to see what the impact of increasing or decreasing your debtor days will have on your business bank balance.


Debtor days is a measure of how well a business collects its debts.

It’s calculated by taking your debtor balance, dividing it by your total credit sales, then multiplying by 365.

Decreasing you average debtor days (by even just 1 day) means more money is sitting in your bank account, rather than your customers’ accounts…

…but how much money are we talking about?

1 debtor day is worth £273.97 for every £100,000 of credit sales your business makes.

That adds up really, REALLY quickly.

So – a shift of 10 days for a £500,000 business equates to £13,698.63!

Use the calculator to see what that’d mean for you.

Your Turnover


Change in debtor days (+ or -)

Impact on your bank balance:


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