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10 things your clients don’t know about Satago (which you should tell them)

August 19, 2021 | 6 minutes

If your accounting firm uses Satago, you’ll already know the tremendous impact our automated payment reminders and credit risk analysis can have on your and your clients’ cash flow.

But are you familiar with the unique features that give Satago the edge over other cash management platforms? And more importantly, are your clients aware?

There’s a reason we were named Best Practice Management Software of the Year at the Accounting Excellence Awards, after all.

Here are 10 things your clients might not know about Satago which will help them supercharge their cash flow today.

Send emails from your own email address

That’s right. If you’re a Satago Plus customer, you can connect Satago to your mailbox and send automated payment reminders from your own email address. Our mailbox integration feature helps you create a smooth journey for your customers. People are more likely to react to emails from addresses they recognise. So, your payment reminders will have added impact.

Easily add late fees to payment reminders

Calculating late fees is a drag. Because they accumulate over time, it’s difficult to keep track of how much each customer owes. With Satago, you can add late fees to your payment reminders at the touch of a button. Our software will calculate how much each customer owes and update the amount within each automated email. Pretty clever!

Add commentary to invoices

In order to quickly understand the status of each invoice, it’s important that you keep track of any customer queries relating to that invoice.

Satago allows you to add notes to your invoices within the platform. If a customer asks for a payment extension or raises a general query, you can make a note of it. Notes can be viewed by multiple platform users, making it easy for your team to work collaboratively.

Add unlimited users to the platform

Many cash management platforms restrict the number of users per subscription. But Satago allows you to have unlimited users, even on the Standard subscription.

That means if a new person joins your team, you can set them up on Satago without paying extra.

Pause payment reminders

Occasionally, you might want to pause automated payment reminders for certain customers. For example, if you’ve agreed to extend their payment deadline. This is easy to do. In fact, you can edit the sending schedule for each customer as you see fit.

Credit check any customer

Some customers only use Satago for automated invoice chasing. And we get it! Our payment reminders alone can reduce debtor days by up to 72%. But by using the credit checking tool to identify customers who could put your business at risk, you can protect yourself from late payments in the long run.

Use the two tools in tandem for optimal results. Plus, you won’t need to pay for additional credit checking software!

Customise risk alerts  

If you have an important client who owes you a lot of money, you can keep track of their financial situation and payment habits using Satago’s risk alerts. Customise the alerts and get notified when clients breach their credit limit or move into a new risk bracket.

Use the risk analysis tool to get an overview of your debtor book

With Satago’s risk analysis tool, you can get an instant overview of your debtors. View your largest and oldest open invoices, see the risk profile of your debtor book and understand the sector demographics of your customer base. This insight is useful when planning your credit control strategy.

Access funding within the platform, fast!

If you need funds to support your next big project, you can unlock cash from your unpaid invoices within the platform.

Satago leverages open banking to make applying for invoice finance quick and easy. Simply visit the Finance section of the platform, choose the invoices you want to fund and click to apply. Once approved, you’ll get cash in the bank within 24 hours.

Satago is cheaper than competitors

With a Standard subscription starting at just £25 a month, we’re significantly cheaper than our nearest competitors. And we offer more features. Which is why we’re the best value cash management platform on the market.

So, there you have it. Ten unique features that will make your clients love Satago even more than they already do! Next time you talk to your clients about cash flow management, show them how to make the most of the Satago platform. They’ll thank you for it.

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