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How we use Satago: d&k Accounting

February 17, 2022 | 40 Minutes

Learn how Dan Edwards is using credit control and Profit First to help his clients thrive.

About the Webinar

In the first of our spotlight with series, we are joined by Daniel Edwards of d&k Accounting to discuss how they work to identify solutions that solve their clients’ challenges, whatever they may be.

Watch the video above to hear Dan Cockerton of Digital Accountancy and Daniel Edwards of d&k Accounting discuss:

  • Some of the key challenges d&k Accounting see their clients coming to them to help solve.
  • The business and client benefits of utilising the Profit First cash flow system for clients.
  • How Satago has helped one of his clients reduce their debt book from £30k to £1.5k.
  • Top tips on how to create a successful credit control service for clients.
  • The importance of building services to support clients needs in the here and now, as well as future aspiration.

Satago in action

Watch Leigh Stallard, Head of Accountancy at Satago, showcase some of the great features of Satago that one of our Accounting Partners, d&k Accounting has utilised to help their clients with their debtors.

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