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MTD and beyond: using technology to open the doors

March 18, 2022 | 45 Minutes


In the final episode of our MTD and Beyond webinar series, we are bringing everything together for a panel discussion on how utilising all the previously mentioned technologies can help your practice open the doors for both current and future clients.

We have showcased several technologies that can help your practice ensure that MTD benefits you and your clients, not just HMRC. We will bring all these technologies together to discuss what it really can mean for your practice and your clients.

Watch speakers from AutoEntry, Sage, Satago and GoProposal as they discuss:

  • Real life examples of how these technologies have help practices
  • The importance of data at every stage of the client process
  • How MTD can be used to build solid client relationships
  • How to use technology to make MTD work for your clients and your practice

MTD Webinar Series

Episode 1 – MTD: the gateway to better client relationships

Episode 2 – Capturing data with AutoEntry

Episode 3 – Processing data with Sage

Episode 4 – Turning data in to services with Satago

Episode 5 – Turning data in to sales GoProposal

Episode 6 – Panel discussion – using technology to open the doors

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