Tom Stapley
Tom Stapley
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Satago Partners

Satago Launches its Partner Ecosystem

March 1, 2022 | 4 minutes

Starting your own business can be an exciting adventure, as you embark on the opportunities that being a business owner represents.

But running a business isn’t just doing what you are passionate about – it’s also paperwork, invoicing, tax filings, budgeting, and many other administrative tasks that are required to keep your business running.

We know you didn’t go into business to do admin – and that’s where the Satago Partner Ecosystem comes in.

What is the Partner Ecosystem?

The Ecosystem is a collection of handpicked Satago partners who share our ethos that UK businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Like Satago, they are building products and solutions to help these businesses grow and thrive.

Each of the partners within the Ecosystem has been carefully chosen to ensure that their solutions help businesses gain insights, protect and manage their cashflow, allowing more time to focus on running the business.

In addition, each listing comes with a unique offer for Satago customers, making their products and services affordable and accessible.

Why is the Partner Ecosystem Important?

There are c. 5.6 million SMEs in the UK, making up 99% of all businesses. We believe that more should be done to support them and help them grow sustainably. Yet we know that 50,000 small businesses fail each year, just from late payments alone.

This is where the Satago Ecosystem comes into play. Our collaborative partnerships give businesses easy access to essential tools and services that we know they need to thrive.

Speaking on the launch of the Ecosystem, Satago CEO Sinead McHale says:

“I am really excited to launch the Ecosystem alongside some of our key partners. We are so proud of the work that we do at Satago to help businesses manage their cashflow. But we know that SMEs face all sorts of challenges on a daily basis when it comes to running their business. We also know that the partners listed on the ecosystem can solve many of these challenges.”

Sinead McHale

Click HERE to view the ecosystem page

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