Gareth Pritchard
Gareth Pritchard
Head of Invoice Finance
Invoice Finance - Case Study

Satago supports IT consultancy to improve cashflow and grow with invoice finance

July 14, 2022 | 1 min

Satago provided a Selective Invoice Financing facility to an IT Sales & Leadership Mentor / Consultancy Business. Before enquiring about Invoice Finance, the client had previously self-funded for over 2 years.

The Selective Facility allowed the client to use the facility as and when required and only ever pay an interest based on the amount financed and for the number of days the invoice was financed for. This worked perfectly for them as they didn’t want to finance every invoice and they didn’t want to be paying a monthly fee if they weren’t utilising the facility!

The client works with a number of established companies providing in depth mentorship, consultancy and training driving sales strategy and leadership. With extended payment terms, the client occasionally faced cashflow issues, leaving them hesitant to take on extra work.

The Selective Invoice Financing route provided a flexible cashflow solution, giving the client access to funds against an invoice from the moment it is issued. This has allowed the client to take on extra work, continue to pay staff on time and not worry about cashflow!

I was offered rates of 5% and 6% by pushy salespeople who failed to answer many of the reservations I had about factoring – primarily how the company engages with my customer. I cannot speak highly enough of George at Satago. I am struggling to recall a more committed or professional service experience in my 30 years of business. His communication was 10/10, he was extremely professional and took the time to answer all my questions in depth. Satago gave me a very competitive rate and honoured the contract when my customer inexplicably changed credit rating overnight. If you’re as cynical as me you may think this review isn’t genuine. I assure you it is, and I would happily recommend Satago to anyone.

Client review

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