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Farewell, risky business

Knowledge is power. Satago’s Risk Insights makes your business decisions crystal-clear and well-informed.

With detailed, real-time readings on your debtors, existing customers and prospects, monitor your credit risk with ease. Make smarter business decisions with confidence and focus on mitigating risk.

Understand your Risk
Credit reports

Smart decisions, total visibility

Get a 360° view of the credit health of any business with full, or partial credit reports.

Maintain a detailed, real-time overview of your customers’ and prospects’ financial history, including directors and shareholders, and any proceedings enacted against them.

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information above is correct as at 15 August 2023.

instant alerts

Never miss a beat with instant updates

With Satago you can choose to be notified any time a customer’s credit score changes, an invoice becomes overdue, or a customer exceeds their credit limit.

Stay one step ahead, and manage cashflow with confidence, using instant alerts.

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Detailed Analysis

Keep on top of your sales ledger

See exactly what you’re owed and who owes it.

With Satago’s risk analysis tool, you’re in the driving seat. View all your debtor data in one dashboard. Monitor how likely they are to pay you on time, based on variables including credit score and previous payment history, to truly understand who you’re working with.

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